Monday, November 25, 2013

12 - Bonfil 1

So today is judgment day.  Not really, but it is transfer day and I moved into the area of Bonfil.  It is part of the Cancun Zone which is the eastern part of the city.  I haven't been proselyting yet, so I can't describe much of it yet.  My new companion is Elder Humphrey.  He is about a year into the mission and he will be finishing up my training.  He is from Alpine, Utah.  ¡Que potente! I'm really looking forward to working with him.

Glad to hear from home.  I'm doing fine, but today I finally found a bathroom scale and discovered that I've lost over ten pounds since I arrived in the field.  I remember Elder Gonzalez telling me how the American missionaries burn a lot of energy in the sun.  I'm eating well, although the food schedule is a little weird.  In the morning we have time for a quick breakfast, and at 2:00 we have a big lunch at a member's house, and then we don't always have a dinner.  It depends if a member offers or if we have money to buy something.  But everything else is going well.  I'm healthy and doing fine. 

So it looks like we have Thanksgiving coming up.  They don't celebrate it here in Mexico, but it is still a good holiday to remember.  A lot of the time we don't really realize how much we are blessed.  Looking back, I often see the Lord's hand working in my life and my mission so many times.  Every day I give thanks for this amazing opportunity to serve.  You may not be in the mission, but I know that there are many ways that the Lord is guiding and blessing you.  That will be something good to think about for Thanksgiving.

So thank you for all of your support.  Love you all.

Elder Bailey

Last night with Elder Gonzalez and Elder Forsythe.  The bishop invited us over for chocolate cake as kind of a going away party.
My new companion, Elder Humphrey

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