Monday, December 2, 2013

13 - Bonfil 2

I'm starting in on my second week in Bonfil.  It is an amazing area with much potential.  It is a large area that also includes a lot of the private residential areas which we don't go to unless we are invited or receive a referral.  A lot of the work in this area is concentrated in a small section of the city.  It is a little more cluttered than Coba, but the people here are great and I enjoy working with them.  There aren't as many members here, but we have received a bunch of referrals that we are working through.  

My new comp is awesome.  He has helped me a ton with the language, and every day he teaches me a lot about being a good missionary.  I enjoy working with him.  

Something that Elder Humphrey said about being not only a great missionary but also a great leader, is the importance of having humility.  No matter what position we are in, it is important to accept that there are many things we still may not know and that there are many people who know more than we do and that there is something we can always learn.  Humility is the foundation for developing all other Christ-like attributes.

Thanks for your support,
Elder Bailey

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