Monday, November 11, 2013

10 - Coba 5

Another week in paradise. Not too much happened this week aside from having to bail out a baptismal font (biggest workout I had in weeks!). It was the baptism of the stake president's son and there was something going on with the drain in the font, so someone left it filled all week. Really gross. We had a fun time hauling buckets of the dirty water from the font, cleaning it, and refilling it for the baptism. Lots of fun.

Most of the work is focused on reactivating the less actives. The biggest problem is that they don't like to commit. We do have a large group of investigators that we are working with, but there are two commitments they have trouble with: going to church and getting legally married. But they love our message, especially about the Plan of Salvation. Many of them have families that they love dearly.

My Spanish is progressing. I'm still am not fluent, but I'm exercising patience.

Earlier, Hermana Kirkham, the mission president's wife, shared an interesting thought with us. She shared a scripture from Moses where Enoch was called by God to be a prophet. Enoch responded by asking why of all people he was chosen, because he was slow of speech and not favored with the people. Here God gave an amazing promise. He promised Enoch that if he would open his mouth to speak to the people, the Lord would fill it with utterance (Moses 6:32). For us missionaries, we have many weaknesses which sometimes include speaking the language. But this promise also applies to us when we teach. We give the spirit opportunities to teach through us and we teach the things the spirit teaches us. This doesn't just apply to missionaries, but also to every member of the Church. If you open your mouth or let the spirit teach through you, the spirit will tell you what to say. I hope we can always remain worthy to have the spirit and to teach from the things the spirit will put into our hearts. If we do this, we will always know what to say.

Hasta luego,
Elder Bailey

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