Monday, November 4, 2013

09 - Coba 4

Hey Everyone,

It looks like my letter didn't come last week, so I’ll try to give a good update.

The last two weeks have been crazy.  We've been hit with a bunch of storms and most of the streets are flooded.  This makes it a little difficult to get to the appointments on time.  But it feels good to have a little cooler weather in contrast to the normally hot, sunny days.

The work is progressing rapidly.  Most of it is focused more on the less actives.  The people here are very humble and receptive to the gospel, but they have a hard time with commitments.

My Spanish is progressing rapidly.  I can speak well enough for the lessons, but the biggest struggle for me is following the native’s Spanish.  They speak fast!  But the members have been very helpful and encouraging.

Also, in our last zone conference, we received an exciting announcement—in our zone we get to have beds!  The hammocks are fun, but often you wake up with a couple of stiff muscles.  Everyone in our zone is all excited about it.

Also, about Halloween.  From what my companion told me, most of Mexico normally celebrates El Dia de Muerto which last for two days, but here in Cancun, they celebrate Halloween instead and it lasts for three nights!  My area kind of turned into a party town.  We had trouble sleeping those nights because one of our neighbors set up a mega sound system in his front yard and was blasting spooky music all night long.

During church last week, one of the sisters in the ward gave an interesting lesson.  In Mexico, the holidays are traditional and everyone loves to party, but they have all forgotten the meaning behind the holidays.  Especially El Dia de Muerto.  It is a holiday to remember and honor our ancestors before us for the sacrifices they did for our generation and we serve them on these holidays.  In the church, it is especially important.  We do family history to learn about our ancestors and do service for them by performing the sacred ordinances they need but didn't have an opportunity in the mortal life.  Each of us is encouraged to actively participate in the Family Search program and learn about them.  There are many things that we can learn from them and they need us so that they can have the ordinances necessary.

Elder Bailey

Other stuff:

[I am in the west and north side of Cancun;] most of the area is all of the city to the south and to the north into the jungle.  It’s kind of big.  It actually is supposed to be divided into two parts, but too many missionaries left and there are not enough coming in, so my companion and I have to work the entire area.

One image is the new beds.  I don’t have a pillow, so I stuffed the pillowcase with the sheets to make do.  The next image is our house.  The tree in front has coconuts that we will soon pick and have for supper.

I’m happy, although I've developed a craving for bread lately.  I haven’t had bread ever since I arrived.  It’s always tortillas.  I miss Mom’s bread and cooking.  The food here is very good, but they always serve the same thing.

Every night we put our shoes up against the fan to dry them out.

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