Monday, January 27, 2014

21 - Palmas 4

Well, everything is going well. We have A's baptism tomorrow and we are all excited for that. Today we are going to visit her and see who she wants to baptize her. We also have several other investigators and families who are ready and want to be baptized, but there is a slight problem. They have been going to church, but they have been going with their relatives to church in some of the other wards. Makes it a little difficult because they have to go to the church where the bishop has the keys to preside over them based on where they live. But we have been working with them and we should have a few more baptisms in the next month.

This is a very active area, but it is not without a few disadvantages. Palmas is a big ward and is divided into two mission areas. A pair of sister missionaries have one half (which is where all of the members are) and we have the rest. With most of the ward members living in the other area, we rarely have any members who we can take with us to lessons. But the few members we do have in the area enjoy coming with us and even do their own visits and make friends with them, so it has been good for the investigators.

Aside from that, it has been getting hot here, but it is supposed to get even hotter after March. I'll be honest, I really miss the cold and the snow (although we do have ice-cold showers in the morning). At night, it is still pretty warm, but the people here complain that it is freezing and wonder how come I'm not cold. I'll probably adapt more to the hot weather as the mission goes on.

The mission has been a great experience for me! I love it. I love working with the people here. I can't really explain how, but the people here are fantastic. I don't quite have the language down, but I've still been able to work and progress in many ways. In the mission, I have learned a lot about the Savior and his role in everything, and especially in the lives of the people I teach. It is awesome seeing how the gospel changes them and their lives. The mission is the best experience of my life. I encourage everyone to start now and prepare for a mission. You won't regret it! You will come out of the mission loving it and wishing you were still there.

Elder Bailey

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  1. Hi, i m your ex companion E. Gonzalez. Im only say. I miss you Joseph j bailey. I want with tallk con you, i dont speak english