Monday, January 20, 2014

20 - Palmas 3

Another week in the mission. I've now been in the field for over four months. Looking back, I'm wondering what happened. Everything feels like it is going faster.  


Our area is pretty big. The church is a little far. The ward is split between us and a pair of sister missionaries. I don't know if President Kirkham will be doing anything more to the area—it has been one of the most productive areas in the city.


The work in Palmas has been progressing. We contacted a few more potential investigators last week, although we haven't quite been getting all of the lessons in we would like.  We have most of our investigators clear on the other side of the area, so we have to do a lot of walking between appointments.  But we have been rewarded for all of the work.  We were able to bring a less active family back in and we are preparing one of their daughters to be baptized this week.  


We also made a big breakthrough with one of our progressing investigators.  I may have mentioned her last week.  She has been really taking in our lessons and also she has been reading and studying the Book of Mormon and has been praying every night.  She has been going to church and everything, but she hasn't received a witness that all of this is true.  Last week she had an interesting experience.  She had a dream one night where she was directed by an angel to the baptismal font and was told that this was the true church that she should join.  Little more than we expected.  We have her baptism planned for next week.  


My companion has been great.  He has been helping me find more ways of teaching and improving my Spanish. My health has been good; the members are really generous and insist on serving us meals, so eating hasn't been much of a problem.  The weather has been heating up a little.  We have been getting a little more sun.  But with sundown at about 5 o'clock, we haven't had much exposure.  I'm not sure I'll be able to send pictures while I'm in this area.  We use this one internet cafe and it doesn't have a port for me to plug in my camera.  


Elder Bailey

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