Monday, December 9, 2013

14 - Bonfil 3

So, the holidays are coming up and we are now working extra hard this season. As a missionary, perhaps one of the biggest changes is that the days or times when you would normally rest are the days when you work the hardest because it is when everyone is at home and with their families. It also feels a little weird to see all of the Christmas decorations coming up, and the foliage is still a lush bright green and all of the tropical flowers are in bloom. (I think Jimmy Buffet's Christmas Island album would be very appropriate here.)

Things have been going well here. It's been a tough week, but we just had a baptism last Saturday. There aren't too many members or investigators, but we are excited with the baptism. Plus, we just received a bunch of referrals from the members, so things are looking up. The week has actually been a little more difficult than it sounds. We really only did about four lessons for the entire week. It is a tough area, but we are being optimistic. The president actually gave us the assignment of establishing a branch in this area, so there are some people that the Lord is preparing.

Perhaps the most effective teaching tool that we have is The Book of Mormon. The first step in the conversion of the investigator is to have them read The Book of Mormon and gain their own testimony of it. The Book of Mormon is the pure word of God and there is a power that exists in that book so that as you read, that power will flow into your life and bring blessings. It is important for any missionary set apart or those not to understand this power and how critical The Book of Mormon is to conversion.

Thank you all for your support,
Elder Bailey

Sorry, but the computer isn't reading my camera again. Sorry, not too many stories. Also the blog is doing great. I actually received a letter from someone in Las Vegas who just got a mission call to Cancun and found the blog. Really cool.

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