Thursday, October 10, 2013

05 - MTC 5

In 4 days, I'll be out there in Cancun!  The MTC is a great experience, but it's out there where the magic happens.  The travel plans came in early this week and we will be leaving Monday early in the morning.  Our district will be traveling together along with an elder and a sister from the main campus.  So ready for it! My teacher, Hermana Mackay, commented how in Mexico they would say that we "have battery."  Can't wait to get there.  My Spanish may still be a bit rough, but I'm confident that I'll become fluent eventually out in the field.  You'll know when I stop commenting about it in my letters and if the letters need a little translation.

We had a couple of good storms here that tore some of the shingles from the buildings.  For service activities, we have been doing some cleanup work.
Like the shirt I'm wearing in the pic?  I borrowed the lava lava from one of the departing elders.  He is from Hawaii.

Conference was great!  The spirit and message that those speakers bring is awe inspiring.  There was a lot of emphasis on enduring to the end.  I can add my testimony, that as we continue through life, we will encounter many challenges and struggles, but if we remain true and steadfast and put our faith in Jesus Christ, everything will turn out better and how great will our joy be in the eternities.

My next letter will be from the mission field.  Stay tuned!

Elder Bailey

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