Thursday, October 3, 2013

04 - MTC 4

I've now been in the MTC for about a month, and have less than two weeks left.  I can't wait to go out into the field!  The MTC is a great experience, but it's going to be out there where we get the most.  
We just had a change of teachers yesterday.  Our teacher, Hermano Law, worked here at the MTC to the limit—which is 3 years.  He was an awesome teacher and I'm going to miss him.  I learned so much from him—not just the language, but also about being an effective missionary as well.
My ZRT (zone resource teacher) shared an interesting quote a few days ago.  "You become who you want to be by becoming who you want to be every day."  It reminds me of a talk by Henry B. Eyring about the word "someday."  I recommend everyone look it up.  We sometimes like to think that over time, the changes we want in our lives will come to us automatically, or that there will always be tomorrow to accomplish our goals.  The truth is that nothing happens unless we work for it.  Now is the best time to do and accomplish.
Well that's all for now.  Next week will be busy getting ready to head out.  General Conference is going to be awesome.  

Thanks for your support.

Elder Bailey

Oh and here is a pic.  I traded the tie from another missionary in my zone.  Like it?  I try to acquire a variety of ties in my wardrobe.

I've been working out during gym time—we've heard all the horror stories about missionaries gaining 30 pounds within a week.  But no worries, I've been eating the vegetables and drinking the water.  Actually there isn't much of a gym here on Wyview.  The only activities we can do are running, basketball, volleyball, and four square (I'm becoming a champ).  
The thermos is very useful.  They actually provided a plastic bike bottle the first day (although it doesn't keep he water cool) and a water purifier.  The purifier is a water bottle that you fill from any source.  When you want to drink, you squeeze the bottle and it will clean the water as it comes out.  It's a good expensive purifier that they provided everyone.
Be sure to send letters through DearElder.  Thank you for everything.  

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Bailey

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